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The Four Main Questions We Help You Answer:

What rate of return do I need to earn?
How much do I need to save?
How long will I have to work?
Will my standard of living need to be reduced?


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Our Services

Today's financial world presents countless array of choices; therefore, we realize the importance of working with a specialist.  Our practice is dedicated to helping you in three primary areas:

1) Addressing the Four Main Questions in planning for your financial future!

2) Identifying an acceptable level of risk and reward so that they properly align with your goals and expectations!

3) Establishing a reasonable plan of action for the future in the event that you are unable to care for yourself!


When planning for your future, there are questions and concerns which you must address in order to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to living once you reach the goal of retirement. In order to effectively plan for retirement, we take each and every aspect into account.  Among them are: 

"What rate of return do I need to earn?"

"How much do I need to save?"

"How long will I have to work?"

"Will my standard of living need to be reduced?" 


With Social Security having so many different strategies, which option is best for you?

Income planning: Your core needs must be met without being based on theoretical returns or subjected to market volatility.



We have partnered with a skilled team of professional money managers, who each manage a limited number of portfolios.  Our clients’ investments are thereby given the highest levels of attention simultaneously, rather than the amount of attention being based on the size of their account.      

You recognize better results by first protecting and preserving what you have earned.  Our objective is to capture the majority of the upside of the market and limit the participation in market losses.


Risk Appetite: Does your portfolio align with acceptable levels of risk and reward based on your individual goals and expectations?






Generally, the first thing that comes to mind is nursing home, when actually long term care planning can help your stay in your home.  Whether you are concerned with being an emotional strain or a financial burden on your spouse and family, nothing should be more important than protecting your assets.  You therefore have control over your future choices.  

After experiencing the tremendous strain that long term care illnesses caused our family members, we pride ourselves on helping clients better prepare for the uncertainties that lie ahead.  

Whether you are seeking asset protection for yourself or in the midst of crisis planning for a family member; we specialize in formulating strategies that do not require you to pay monthly premiums for long term care coverage.

Our Process

We realize it can be difficult to find a trusted advisor. We pride ourselves on the results that we help clients achieve. Our end goal is to provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that your objectives are attainable. 

Bringing on a new client is a progression, which is generally handled in three meetings. As a prospective client, we want to earn your trust and ultimately your business.  Our planning approach is to conduct a thorough analysis of your current situation as well as your plans for the future. This helps you to determine the ideal financial path to follow for retirement. 

It is our intention to be a resource you can depend on for years to come.

Our belief is that the better organized you are, the greater your chances are of reaching your financial goals.  Many prospective clients come to us without a firm plan of action for their future, which is precisely why our services are valuable. 

Whether you're looking to consolidate numerous accounts, or simply need a second set of eyes on the big picture; we can act as financial guides going forward.

Our discovery process helps us to learn more about who you are and where you want to be in the future.  As no two situations are alike, we do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach.  Some of the items that help us to set a clear financial path include: 

How much of your money should be in higher risk investments? 

- How much should be in more conservative investments? 

- What are your personal philosophies and ideas?  

We believe in staying within your comfort level rather than chasing short term returns. 

Most advisors are not willing to spend the time to educate you.  We believe that as an informed client, you will find peace of mind knowing you are on a path to reach your financial objectives. 

As we move forward, we begin to brainstorm strategies that help us to collectively take the guesswork out of your financial future.


Your personal preferences, as well as your cash flow needs are some of the factors that determine your individual strategies. We educate you on today’s investment options while building a unique plan of action.  Furthermore, we ensure that your portfolio provides an acceptable level of both risk and reward, while aligning with your investments goals and expectations. 

Last, but certainly not least, we believe regular periodic reviews will help ensure that you stay on course.  After all, once you are on board as a client, we really are just scratching the surface.

Our company’s success is largely due to customer service. We strive to follow-up with our clients a minimum of three times a year with: 

- Annual Reviews

- Monthly "Risk Check-Ins"

- Annual Client Luncheons

Regular periodic reviews help us to collectively stay the course.  We’re here for you now, and more importantly, in the future when you will need us most!


Our goal is to be your "go to" provider for keeping your money working and protected. We are rapidly building a valuable list of resources for our clients.

We will continuously update this page so please check back often.


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